Projectnummer: NL 39.2294

Contactpersoon: Raymond Sieben of bel 088 – 0550 350 Discreet en Vrijblijvend


This company specialises in the recycling of used raw materials and has an extensive national and international network. Raw materials from The Netherlands and abroad are reused as new high-quality products in a variety of sectors (including construction, industry and the food industry).

The market in which this company operates can be characterised as a niche market. The number of players active in Europe is very limited. The potential target market on the other hand, is very broad and almost unlimited. The company focuses primarily on companies in The Netherlands and Germany.

The company is compact, has its own specialised machinery, its own transport facilities and operates from a single location.

The turnover for 2019 is forecasted at € 3.2 million. Normalized EBITDA 2019 is expected to be € 825,000. The expected EBITDA for 2020 is € 833,000.

The company buildings and grounds are owned by the Holding and form part of the proposed transaction. A second industrial building and site is optionally also part of this transaction. The company is based in The Netherlands.