For sale: Recycling company

Projectnummer: NL39.2294

The Company (Private Company) has for decades been the specialist in the mechanical crushing and sieving of used raw materials for reuse. The company is a recognized name in the market and has an extensive national and international network. Raw materials from home and abroad are reused into new high-quality products in various branches (including industry) and can be produced and supplied in various degrees according to the specifications of the clients.

This company can be characterized as a company that is highly innovative and constantly looking for new
opportunities to create new applications from waste. To this end, it is supervised by renowned laboratories. The company has a stable workforce with little ’turnover’. There is a close-knit team with a permanent core of people who have been working for the company for many years. The company employs a total of 13 people (13 FTEs). The company operates from a single location and has its own specialised machinery.

The company has its own transport facilities and its own drivers. For specific transport technical questions,
they can call on the services of permanent subcontractors. It also has the possibility to provide transport by inland waterway and/or sea coaster. By carrying out the transport in house, the planning of the processing into new raw material can be perfectly tailored to the specific wishes of the clients. This guarantees a flexible and fast execution of orders. Thanks to the availability of their own means of transport, the licence to transport waste materials runs more smoothly than if they did not have their own means of transport at their disposal.

The profile is ideally suited to a strategic buyer who is looking for an addition to his/her current portfolio and a broader possibility for cross-selling. Also for a financial investor who wants to focus on growth and wants to respond to the social need to optimally focus on the reuse of raw materials, this company offers an extremely profitable organisation with many development prospects in a growth market. In the latter case, an intended director will have to be recruited, so that this person can learn from the Seller and take over contacts.

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