For Sale: Shareholding in a promising Dutch bioinformatics company (market leader):

Projectnummer: NL39.2441

On offer is a participating interest in a leading Dutch bioinformatics company, which is on its way to world market leadership in its field.

The company already has a virtually unmatchable lead on the competition, if any. The company has spent 13 years building up the largest platform in the world of specific biological molecule families and has built an AI based platform and other analysis software that not only allows the manipulation of the molecules, but also predicts the effects of their mutations. This speeds up research time for medicines design and development and DNA diagnostics. Licenses are sold on the data to pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical technology companies and, in cooperation with partners, biotech projects are carried out, aimed at bio-molecule and medicine development and sustainability projects, among others.

Virtually all large pharmaceutical companies are customers. The company is growing rapidly and currently realises sales of around € 2 million with around 12 highly skilled FTEs and an EBITDA of around € 500,000.

Exponential growth is expected in the coming years. The owner is searching for a professional (biotech or financial) investor, who together with the current management wants to shape and implement the growth strategy for the coming years, including setting up an in-house marketing & sales organisation. To this end, the owner offers a substantial minority interest in a pre-exit transaction.

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