Super Dry – Totech EU overgenomen door ASYS Automation Group

Super Dry – Totech EU overgenomen door ASYS Automation Group 

Hieronder volgt het persoonlijk Engelstalige bericht dat Jos Brehler, CEO Super Dry Totech aan zijn klanten heeft gericht ter gelegenheid van de verkoop van dit bedrijf, mei 2017. Begeleiders van deze deal namens Diligence: Harry Helwegen en Bo Barink.

Dit zeggen onze klanten over Diligence.

To all our valued customers and partners,

I want to inform you personally of a significant development in the continued growth of our business.

We are committed to investment in our products, services and our people so that we all benefit from the best we have to offer.

Continuously improving our products and developing new technologies to take on the future demands of manufacturing and deliver benefits for us all is deep in our culture.

We have been evolving in the past few years from hardware manufacturer to solutions provider.

Our Dry Tower Systems comprehensively solve the complex logistics problems central to manufacturing with moisture sensitive devices in 4.0 smart factories.

In order to accelerate this process and help take our business to the next level I am delighted to announce a new investor to Super Dry Totech.

As from today the ASYS automation Group (Dornstadt, Germany) has officially become a majority investment partner in our business.

This is a strategic decision taken by us that has been in the planning for many months, and  I will remain actively in charge.

Our operations and distribution structures will not change and the day to day running of the business remains the same.

This now opens an exciting and significant new chapter in our evolution and I look forward to updating you in more detail in the months to come.

Kind Regards,

Jos Brehler

CEO Super Dry Totech

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